With the growing amount of customers coming to us to cover old or unwanted tattoos, we felt it was important to insure that every option was given to achieve the best end result.

We see Laser Tattoo Removal & Reduction as an essential part of a modern tattoo studios list of services.

With the amount of 'cover up' work that our Tattoo Artists have to deal with on a virtually daily basis, a few sessions of laser treatment may be all that is needed to lighten the old tattoo enough to give you far more creativity and allow you to use more colours in the cover up design.

We decided to extend our services to include laser removal. our choice of laser is a Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser supplied by Eclipse Lasers.

We have our own dedicated laser room and our operator has been lasering since 2009 and is fully trained, certified and compliant with all UK regulations.


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